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GVK Biosciences and Crelux set up Fragment-based Drug Discovery Platform to deliver Lead Molecules


GVK Biosciences (GVK BIO) and CRELUX announced that they have set-up a highly robust fragment-based drug discovery platform proven to deliver rapidly, viable lead molecules. CRELUX’s high performance structural biology technologies together with GVK BIO’s mature computer-assisted drug design (CADD) tools and other components of its drug discovery & development engine, encompass all steps from challenging targets to novel drug candidates.

According to the companies, CRELUX and GVK BIO will provide seamless integration of all aspects of structure-based drug design for the Biopharmaceutical industry and furnishes accelerated timelines for moving molecules from concept into the clinic at an optimal cost. Fragment-based Drug Design (FBDD) helps in visualizing binding modes and hence rationalize an accelerated SAR allowing efficient lead optimization through CADD. CRELUX will leverage its capabilities of all aspects of multifaceted structural studies towards X-ray elucidation of fragment or lead target complexes, whereas GVK BIO will perform all discovery chemistry and biology work including in silico, in vitro and in vivo studies as well as activities necessary to ensure pre-clinical candidate nomination.

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