Evotec-RSIL Ltd announces two key library synthesis collaborations and celebrates its first full year of operations


Evotec-RSIL Ltd announced two new contracts with global pharmaceutical companies for the synthesis and supply of compound libraries. These follow a successful year of operations which has seen them sign collaborations with a total of five companies. In the latest deals Evotec-RSIL Ltd has signed contracts with major pharmaceutical companies from Europe and the United States. In both deals Evotec-RSIL Ltd will use its skills and expertise in parallel synthesis, purification and analysis to synthesise and purify hit discovery libraries of hundreds to thousands of high quality compounds in the format specified by the customer.

Evotec-RSIL Ltd is a joint venture set up in 2007 between Evotec AG and the Indian CRO, Research Support International Limited (RSIL). It was set up to offer high quality, low cost services for the parallel synthesis of compound libraries to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. State-of-the-art equipment and specific expertise was provided by Evotec to RSIL’s purpose built, high spec laboratories in Thane, near Mumbai, India. The relocation of key senior scientists to the joint venture’s new facility in India was also instrumental in ensuring the smooth integration of the techniques and procedures developed at the Evotec laboratories

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