30-Jul-2008 - Shimadzu Corporation

Seegene and Shimadzu Agree to Join Multi-Pathogen Tests and Platform for Combined Analytics Solution

Seegene, Inc. and Shimadzu Corporation announced a strategic partnership to combine Seegene's Seeplex(R) multi-pathogen tests with Shimadzu's MultiNA (1) analytical platform. Under terms of the deal, Shimadzu and Seegene will collaborate on integrating the Seeplex polymerase chain reaction-based tests with Shimadzu's MultiNA high-speed electrophoresis system to provide a highly sensitive, high-throughput multi-pathogen detection and analysis solution.

"This strategic agreement reinforces our plan to bring solutions, and not only products, to our customers," said Dr. Jong-Yoon Chun, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Seegene. "Shimadzu's MultiNA is outstanding in the market for electrophoresis analysis and a perfect match for the Seeplex family of multi-pathogen tests."

"Seegene's novel multi-pathogen detection test working with Shimadzu's next-generation electrophoresis systems creates an unparalleled screening platform for laboratories around the world," said Yoshiyuki Togawa, General Manager, Shimadzu. "Seeplex tests running on MultiNA is the fast, accurate and efficient way for laboratories to screen for the most rampant and debilitating pathogens infecting people around worldwide."

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