Avantogen's Hawaii Biotechnology Enters Clinic with West Nile Virus Vaccine


The Directors of Avantogen Ltd announced the clinical trials progress at Hawaii Biotech Inc, where Avantogen has a major shareholding. Dr William Ardrey, CEO of Avantogen, commented "We are pleased to see Hawaii Biotech advance to becoming a clinical stage company, and this also goes a long way towards proving the proprietary, recombinant DNA manufacturing platform ideal for vaccine production."

Earlier this year, Avantogen shared other announcements at Hawaii, including US FDA clearance to start this West Nile Virus trial, and also the appointment of Prof Ian Frazer to the medical and Scientific Advisory Board at Hawaii Biotech. Hawaii Biotech also has another promising vaccine, for Dengue Fever, which received major funding from the Paediatric Dengue Vaccine Initiative, backed by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and other recognised supporters. "We are hopeful that this West Nile Virus vaccine progress positions Hawaii Biotech well to initiate a second clinical trial later this calendar year, that for Dengue Fever," added Dr Ardrey.

Dr Ardrey concluded, "This excellent news in the vaccine program follows announcements earlier this year for RP101, which also entered clinical trials in the USA, in a licensing partnership with Sciclone Pharmaceuticals. RP101, for which Avantogen's US affiliate received significant up front cash payments, targets pancreatic cancer, and Avantogen may be eligible for additional seven figure payments as that program progresses with Sciclone. Both the oncology and vaccine successes demonstrate to Avantogen Ltd shareholders our commitment to managing clinical and regulatory affairs very actively, achieving regulatory clearances, and progressing to the clinic with our drugs."

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