Biotage open up new business area: Molecular Imaging


molecular imaging is an emerging market that is playing an important role to the ongoing worldwide efforts at improving health care and cost saving in the Pharma Industry. Biotage entered into a Molecular Imaging collaboration with McMaster University in February 2007 and it has ever since become more and more apparent that Biotage is significantly well positioned to become an important player within this industry. Biotage has decided to establish itself in Molecular Imaging to leverage on and take full advantage of its product offerings in this challenging new business area.

SPECT/CT and PET/CT are two Imaging modalities that are growing significantly. The processes used are technologically well aligned to Biotages core competences, synthesis, purification and evaporation, according to the company. The basic process requires the incorporation of minute amounts of short half life radio labeled compounds (tracers or imaging agents) into live subjects. Many of these tracers have to be synthesized. The faster they are produced, the more value can be ascribed to the outcome. Some in fact can only be synthesized using microwave heating, a field of expertise where Biotage has experience.

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