26-Jun-2006 - Greenovation Biotech GmbH

Bayer Innovation announces licensing agreement with greenovation Biotech

Bayer Innovation GmbH and greenovation Biotech GmbH have concluded a licensing and service agreement in the field of protein glycosylation in plants. This was announced by the companies today. The terms of the agreement will not be disclosed.

In this context, glycosylation is a process by which certain sugar molecules are added to proteins in plants. Understanding and controlling this process in plants can enable researchers to enhance considerably the activity or bioavailability of new proteins produced by plants which can be used for therapeutic purposes.

"Collaboration with greenovation will give us access to innovative glycosylation technology. This will complement our own skills and technologies and has particular applicability to our work on plant-made pharmaceuticals," explained Gerd Seidl, Global Project Leader for this field at Bayer Innovation GmbH.

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