09-May-2006 - Sterigenics International, Inc.

Sterigenics Expands EO Facility in France

Sterigenics International has completed the expansion of its Ethylene Oxide (EO) processing facility in Anse, France. The state-of-the-art Anse expansion provides space for two 32 euro-pallet EO sterilizers with 2.4 meters height. The super-size units are designed to coordinate with truck capacity, thereby maximizing production lot sizes and reducing costs.

"The expansion allows us to bring the latest in technology and enhanced speed to market closer to home for an ever growing number of customers," says Dirk Beelen, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Sterigenics EMEAA (Europe/Mid East/Africa/Asia). Identical technology is available at the company's Wiesbaden, Germany, facility which opened in July 2005.

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