Proteros Achieves Key Milestone in Janssen Lead Discovery Collaboration

20-May-2015 - Germany

Proteros biostructures GmbH announced it had achieved an important milestone in a lead discovery collaboration with Janssen Pharmaceutica NV triggering an undisclosed payment to Proteros.

Proteros has collaborated with Janssen for over a decade supporting numerous projects across all therapeutic areas. The objective of this oncology focused project was for Proteros to discover potent and selective small molecule inhibitor series against a novel protein target. Based on the establishment of a de novo X-ray crystallography system, HTS screening and biophysical assay technology of the novel target Proteros delivered multiple chemical series meeting stringent compound criteria.

Dr. Peter Reinemer, Chief Operating Officer for Proteros, stated: "We are very pleased to be Janssen's partner in one of their oncology discovery programs and that we have been able to deliver new compound classes for a challenging novel drug target."

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