Neovacs froms U.S. subsidiary

24-Mar-2015 - USA

Neovacs announced the establishment of its wholly-owned U.S. subsidiary, Neovacs, Inc. Neovacs, Inc. is headquartered in Boston and has been incorporated in Delaware. The creation of this U.S. subsidiary marks an important strategic step for Neovacs, as the Company extends its clinical initiatives for lead product candidate, IFNα-Kinoid, beyond the EU to the U.S. market. The establishment of this subsidiary follows the formation of a U.S. Scientific Advisory Board in October 2013.

Arlene Morris, Director of Neovacs and CEO of Syndax Pharmaceuticals, has been named Chairman of Neovacs, Inc. Miguel Sieler, current CEO of Neovacs will also hold the position of CEO of the subsidiary.

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