BRAIN to lead the NatLifE 2020 industrial innovation alliance

21-Jun-2012 - Germany

BRAIN AG has announced that the Natural Life Excellence Network 2020 (NatLifE 2020) innovation alliance will be funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) under the “Industrial biotechnology Innovation Initiative” scheme. The official announcement has been made by Permanent State Secretary Dr Georg Schütte at the sidelines of ACHEMA. The “Industrial Biotechnology Innovation Initiative” public funding scheme invites private enterprises to form and coordinate unusual research alliances until 2015. The Federal Ministry of Education and Research has earmarked funds totalling Euro 100m for the formation of these innovation alliances. NatLifE 2020 is one of three industrial initiatives which will receive funding.

The NatLifE 2020 innovation alliance was established in early 2011 and officially applied for public funding by submitting a declaration of interest in May 2011. NatLifE 2020 was one of a total of 15 alliances which were short-listed to submit an outline describing their plans. The project outline was then submitted on 15 December 2011. Subsequently, the project outline was reviewed and finally recommended for funding by independent experts chosen by the BMBF.

The alliance’s 22 partners, namely technology engineering companies, small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and industrial corporations, join their forces in the NatLifE 2020 innovation alliance to drive forward the research, development and production of natural specialities for a healthier life. Innovation in the realm of “healthier living and ageing” is playing a central role in politics, economy and society in general.

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