23-Apr-2012 - LGC Genomics GmbH

LGC Genomics invests in new laboratory in Boston, US

LGC Genomics announced the launch of its new US genomics services laboratory based at the Cumming’s centre in Beverly near Boston, Massachusetts. LGC Genomics has seen the number of employees in its US business expand from 1 to 20 in the past year and this new facility marks a significant step in its US investment programme.

The new laboratory will initially focus on providing genotyping and nucleic acid extraction services using the company’s KASPTM and sbeadex® technologies in combination with the unique SNPline genotyping instrumentation solution.

Simon Parsons, LGC Group CFO and LGC Genomics Divisional Director commented: “We are delighted to be announcing the opening of our new Cumming’s Centre laboratory. This facility is an important element of our expansion programme in North America. Our expanded laboratory service capacity will enable us to deliver solutions to those groups looking to expand internal capacity through outsourcing and will also enable us to deliver improved products for customers conducting their own genomics research and analysis. The delivery of high-quality genomics products and services is fundamental to tackling many of the key global issues confronting science such as sustainable food production and improving health. The new laboratory offers a significant opportunity for us to support these important areas of research across North America”

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