24-Feb-2012 - Apceth GmbH & Co. KG

apceth and Indivumed to Develop Biomarker Platform for Targeted Cellular Therapies

apceth GmbH & Co. KG and Indivumed GmbH have entered into a partnership for the development of a predominantly tissue-based biomarker strategy for the treatment of solid cancers with cellular and / or gene therapeutics. The goal is to predict the response of a targeted cellular / gene therapy in different cancer types and to stratify patients to provide a more individualized cancer treatment with apceth’s cell and cell-based gene therapeutics. A reliable biomarker platform will enable oncologists to identify those patients who will most likely benefit from the treatment with apceth’s therapeutics, thus establishing a unique and truly personalized therapeutic approach adapted to the needs of each cancer patient.

Since biomarkers for cell and gene therapeutics are not yet available and cancer is still a growing medical problem worldwide, significant demand for an adequate and reliable biomarker platform exists.

A special analytical platform for cancer tissue allows Indivumed to identify and validate protein biomarkers and targets with extremely high reliability in terms of their clinical application. One of Indivumed’s strengths is analyzing cancer pathway molecules for predicting drug response. apceth wants to make use of Indivumed’s highly regarded tumor tissue bank and its expertise in tissue-based biomarker discovery and validation. Both companies believe that the combination of apceth’s therapeutic approach and Indivumed’s biomarker platform has the potential to drive future cancer therapeutics and pharmaceutical innovation, thereby making the promises for personalized medicine a reality.

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