Alessandro Padova appointed General Manager of Siena Biotech

30-Sep-2011 - Italy

The Board of Directors of Siena Biotech SpA has appointed Alessandro Padova as General Manager of the Company, reporting directly to the Board, while Dr. Giovanni Gaviraghi who covered both functions to present, will maintain his role of C.E.O. with strategic responsibilities.

In this function Dr. Padova will lead Siena Biotech during a challenging period as it strives to bring the Company towards a financial self-sufficiency and to boost the process of optimization of internal resources towards identification of candidate molecules for further clinical development.

Alessandro Padova brings a wealth of expertise to the General Manager position, both from his past experience within and out of Siena Biotech.

Alessandro Padova

Alessandro Padova, General Manager of Siena Biotech SpA.

Dr. Padova joined Siena Biotech as Head of Drug Design Unit in 2004, progressing to Head of Molecular Informatics Department in 2008 and Medicinal Chemistry Department in 2010. During the period 2002-2004, he was the General Manager of the Italian biotech start up C4T, based in Rome, Italy, a public-private initiative to foster academic and industrial partnership boosting tech-transfer activities. Dr. Padova  spent several years in Cambridge, UK, taking up growing responsibilities in several biotech companies. After an industrial post-doctoral fellowship at Parke-Davis Neuroscience Research Centre, Cambridge, UK, in 1996 he moved to Peptide Therapeutics as Project Leader, gaining extensive experience  in the discovery and development of protease inhibitors. In 2000, he was employed by the Swedish company Medivir, and in 2001 joined Astex Therapeutics (Cambridge, UK) as Senior Research Associate contributing to a number of successful fragment-based kinase inhibitor projects.

Dr. Padova, a graduate of Kent University, UK, obtained his PhD in organic synthesis at the University of Exeter, UK, in 1994.

Dr. Padova  is one of the founders and a Board member of Technology Development for Africa srl, a company dedicated to expedite biomedical technology transfer to developing countries.

Since 2011, he sits as a board member in Externautics, a biotech company focused on diagnostic and therapeutic biomarkers for oncology indications.

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