Active Biotech's nomination committee proposes election of an additional new board member

15-Apr-2011 - Sweden

Active Biotech's nomination committee has proposed that the annual general meeting on 5 May 2011 re-elect Mats Arnhög, Klas Kärre, Magnhild Sandberg-Wollheim and Peter Sjöstrand as board members and that Peter Hofvenstam and Peter Thelin be elected new members of the board.

The nomination committee now expands its proposal and proposes that Mef Nilbert be elected new member of the board. Mef Nilbert, M.D., PhD, is 44 years old, chief physician at the oncology clinic at Skåne University Hospital and professor of oncology at Lund University. Mef Nilbert also holds a cancer research professorship at Copenhagen University. She has extensive experience within the field of cancer research. According to the nomination committee, Mef Nilbert would contribute further valuable expertise within cancer research.


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