08-Oct-2010 - Dr.Reddy's Laboratories Ltd.

SoluBest and Dr. Reddy´s Sign Drug Delivery Collaboration to Develop New, Proprietary Formulations

SoluBest has closed a collaboration agreement with Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Ltd. to develop a new, proprietary formulation of one of SoluBest’s pipeline compound.. In return, SoluBest is eligible to upfront, research and milestone and significant royalty payments. Further financial details have not been disclosed.

SoluBest has developed its Solumer™ technology platform to address solubility issues, one of the most pressing problems in drug development and drug delivery: About 40% of marketed drugs are thought to be poorly water soluble, and it is estimated that up to 70% of new chemical entities (NCEs) entering drug development programs possess insufficient aqueous solubility to allow adequate and consistent gastrointestinal absorption to ensure efficacy.

The Solumer™ platform is based on the self-assembly of selected FDA-approved polymer compounds, creating highly stable particles in which API molecules are interwoven into the polymer matrix. Once formulations come in contact with aqueous media, they spontaneously form colloidal dispersions, resulting in increased bioavailability of the active pharmaceutical ingredient. The process is easily adaptable to a wide range of molecules, requiring limited customization for each, and involves a simple 2 step procedure—the preparation of a liquid feed followed by its spray drying. The result is a technology with quick turnaround times which can be easily integrated in conventional drug manufacturing processes.. Each formulation can be protected by composition of matter patents and therefore is ideally suited for life-cycle management.

"We are optimistic that this agreement marks the first step of a broader strategic collaboration,” said Dr. Amir Zalcenstein, CEO of Solubest. "Dr. Reddy's was one of the first companies to show interest in our free formulation initiative. Although the agreement is for our lead pipeline product, we believe this validates our approach."

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