22-Sep-2022 - Chemical.AI

XuanZhu BioPharm and Chemical.AI announce collaboration in drug discovery

XuanZhu BioPharm and Chemical.AI announce collaboration focusing on cancer, metabolism, digestion and other fields, jointly to develop new drugs with proprietary intellectual property rights.

Back in 2019, Chemical.AI has closed Angel Round with FreeS Fund, and in early 2021, Series A Round led by Sequoia China Seed Fund, followed by Nest.Bio Ventures and current shareholder FreeS Fund, later in August that year, Series A+ Round led by Source Code Capital, followed by Sequoia China, FreeS Fund and Hofon Capital. The completion of the three rounds in two years has drove Chemical.AI move further to address the bottleneck in the industry. The company also announced strategic cooperation with more than ten top Pharmas like Livzon Medicine, top pharma in China, top leading pharma in Europe, in the United States, and integration with Scilligence, NovAliX ChemAxon. With the new partnership with Xuanzhu BioPharm, it is another acknowledgement from the industry to Chemcal.AI and its product, ChemAIRS, an AI-assisted retrosynthesis platform.

ChemAIRS is a chemical synthesis route design system based on AI+ big data, trained from chemists. There are four modules, retrosynthesis, SA score, forward synthetic, and process chemistry. By integrating with ELN, building blocks, ChemAIRS can learn from inhouse laboratory data and provide feasible and cost-effective routes accordingly, a crucial part of lab digitalization process.

Dr. Jiakui Li, CEO of Shandong Xuanzhu, a subsidiary of Xuanzhu BioPharm focusing on small molecule drug discovery and development, commented, “We are excited to partner up with Chemical.AI who helps us to speed up drug discovery process. With ChemAIRS, it provides efficient and feasible routes to improve chemical synthesis efficiency. We are happy with ChemAIRS in our research work.”

Dr. Ning Xia, Founder & CEO of Chemical.AI, concluded, “We are honored to work with Xuanzhu BioPharm, to speed up and reduce DMTA cycle time with our machine-learning based product, ChemAIRS, by leveraging AI and big data, to provide efficient retrosynthesis route design. We look forward to working with XuanZhu to bring new drugs to the market quicker and faster to serve the welfare of human being.”

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