Univar announces success of API distribution partnership with India’s Gharda Chemicals

11-May-2010 - Belgium

Univar announced that its partnership with Indian supplier, Gharda Chemical Limited, has been a great success. After guiding Gharda through the process of gaining EU regulatory approval, Univar is now commercially distributing their active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) across Europe.

Univar is distributing a range of Synthetic Pyrethroids that include Permethrin, Cypermethrin and Deltamethrin. The products are used predominantly in the animal health sector but have other applications including domestic insect control and in public health programmes. They are also recommended for use in head lice shampoos and as biocides.

The partnership with Gharda came about after a large European pharmaceutical company approached Univar to identify a reliable source of Synthetic Pyrethroids for them. Univar found Gharda who had the products in their range as well as a strong track record of reliable delivery.

Univar drew on its experience in the European API market to ensure both supplier and customer needs were fulfilled and provided the necessary guidance and support to ensure regulatory and quality compliance as well as arranging for their pharmaceutical customer to audit and qualify the production site.

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