13-Feb-2020 - Innerspace GmbH

Tyrolean virtual reality start-up receives seven-figure growth financing

Products tailored towards the Life Science industry

As a pioneer in education technology, Innerspace develops novel, psychologically based training solutions for highly critical applications in the life science industry. Cleanroom operators are comprehensively prepared for the key moments of their work using the DeepTraining approach, implemented in virtual reality. With regular practice in virtual space, they can safely deepen their behaviour patterns and their understanding of production in critical areas of activity. Immediate feedback enables the training candidates to reflect and adapt mindset and skillset precisely at the key moments when errors occur particularly frequently and have particularly serious consequences.

Founded in 2017 and headquartered in Wattens, Innerspace already supplies numerousleading international pharmaceutical companies with its VR training products. Theexport quota is effectively 100%. 25 VR and training specialist are currently employed.The company will double its personnel in the coming year as a result of the planned expansion. Together with the German High-Tech Gründerfonds HTGF, the Tyrolean
early-stage investor MAD has invested over one million Euros in the course ofthe round. The funds raised will be used for further product development and expansion.

"Virtual reality is still considered by many to be a mere gimmick. For our customers, however, it is the key to a completely new way of learning and training", Walter Ischia, Managing Partner of MAD Ventures and CFO of Innerspace.

"The company has already shown that there isconsiderable demand for the DeepTraining solution in the life science industry and this target group fits very well with the ‘High-Tech Gründerfonds’ investor base", Tobias Faupel, Senior Investment Manager at HTGF.

"The pharmaceuticals industry is highly regulated and, in many processes, even thesmallest mistakes have disastrous consequences. Excellently trained andprepared employees are a basic prerequisite for mastering increasingly complexproduction processes. With our technology and our DeepTraining approach, we solve a real problem: with the help of ourvirtual training environment, employees learn how to reliably recognize keymoments in production and apply the right principles effectively to avoid humanerrors, doing so systematically and without fear of errors. This, and the fact that Innerspace brings a new understanding to companies of the way training works, is the basis for the success of our DeepTraining product for the life science industryexplains", Sebastian Scheler, CEO Innerspace.

Another important feature is that Innerspace has succeeded in creating a product that customers can use independently of their individual processes. This is an essential component in the current and future rapid growth of Innerspace.

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