15-May-2019 - cytena GmbH

Molecular Devices and life science start-up cytena expand their partnership

New CloneSelect Single-Cell Printer products

Molecular Devices, LLC announced an expansion in its partnership with cytena GmbH to launch the CloneSelect™ Single-Cell Printer™ Series in North America. Building on their success of the CloneSelect™ Single-Cell Printer™ SCP™ system, the new family evolves both the ease of use for image-based isolation and documentation of single cells and adds fluorescent sorting for further enrichment of monoclonal cell lines.

Biologics development has seen a recent boom in investment, but cloning remains a significant bottleneck in this process due to regulatory guidelines on demonstrating proof of clonality for any master cell bank (MCB).  The CloneSelect™ Single-Cell Printer™ Series based on cytena's leading single-cell isolation technology enables customers to visually prove monoclonality with great efficiency, enrich viability and prevent cross-contamination.

"We are passionate about helping our customers and this new product series will help them develop and document the clonality of the cell lines customers need to advance their research." said Greg Milosevich, President at Molecular Devices. "We've listened to customer's feedback and have partnered with cytena to bring these solutions to the market quickly."

The CloneSelect™ Single-Cell Printer™ Series overcomes the draw backs of traditional methods for single-cell sorting by using gentle microfluidics to maintain high cell viability, high efficiency, and provide five images for each cell for proof of successful single-cell isolation.

"This partnership benefits the customers as well as both companies" said Jonas Schoendube, CEO at cytena. "We are excited to address more researcher's needs and to be able to reach more customers as a result of our work with Molecular Devices"

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