07-Apr-2010 - LGC Genomics GmbH

LGC introduces its new LGC Genomics division

LGC restructures for growth of genomic products and services

LGC announced the launch of its new LGC Genomics division. Since LGC acquired Berlin-based AGOWA GmbH in 2005, genomics has seen successful growth as part of LGC’s Life & Food Sciences Division. Through AGOWA genomics, LGC has provided an array of flexible nucleic acid sample extraction services and products such as DNA sequencing, next generation sequencing and genomic services to international pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and private and public research organisations.

The launch of LGC Genomics as a new division within the LGC Group is part of a wider organisational restructuring and is in line with LGC’s strategy for growth and expansion of operations. As part of the restructuring process, our AGOWA genomics services and products will be rebranded LGC Genomics.

The international DNA sequencing and genomics market is experiencing rapid growth. The decision to launch the LGC Genomics division reflects LGC’s confidence in its ability to expand its range of services and products and continue to invest in its staff, facilities and equipment, whilst ensuring its commitment and excellent service to its customers remains its first priority.

John McQuillian, Managing Director of the LGC Genomics Division, commented: “The launch of LGC Genomics as a new operating division is an exciting step for LGC and presents excellent opportunities for growth. Under the new brand, LGC Genomics will continue to advance the development and delivery of first-rate genomic services and products, keeping our customers at the forefront of technology and expertise in this increasingly sophisticated field of science. Our aim is for LGC Genomics to become Europe's leading genomics provider, through organic growth and selected strategic acquisitions.”

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