23-Jul-2018 - Bachem AG

Bachem to expand in asian markets

Subsidiary in Tokyo founded

Bachem announces the establishment of Bachem Japan K.K., a subsidiary in Tokyo, Japan. This new local presence in Asia will strengthen project and customer support and drive further business growth in the Asian market.

"This is an exciting step for Bachem", comments Dr. Anne-Kathrin Stoller, Chief Marketing Officer of Bachem Holding AG. "The Asian market and Japan in particular have become increasingly important for Bachem. Therefore, we decided to establish a third regional pillar alongside Europe and North America. Bachem Japan K.K. assumes sales responsibility for our Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) business in Japan and other Asian countries such as South Korea, China and Taiwan. This will enable us to serve our customers even more effectively and further expand our Asian business together with existing and future partners".

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