10-Mar-2010 - SGE Analytical Science Europe Ltd

The world´s first hand-held automated analytical syringe by SGE is nominated for the GIT-InnovationsAward 2010

eVol®, a revolution in liquid handling of smallest volumes is nominated for the GIT-InnovationsAward 2010. An independent jury of renown university professors from Germany - has made a pre-selection from the huge number of submitted products and nominated eVol® for the honouring. The aim of the honouring is to draw the attention of companies, research and users to the most innovative products in the analytics, lab technology and the biotechnology. During the analytica in Munich, or on-line on the Pro-4-Pro internet portal and also in writing the voting can be done for the best innovation.

e-Vol® is worldwide the first automated analytic syringe which enables the reproducible dispensing of smallest volumes even of organic liquids in closed autosampler vials. The calibration independent of the user increases the correctness of the results and with this the sample throughput in the lab. This new concept for the manual liquid handling and for the sample injection gives the abilities of an autosampler into the hand of the user.

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