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DeveloGen AG receives US$ 500.000 Funding from the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation for Beta Cell Research


DeveloGen AG announced that it will receive US$ 500,000 from the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, New York, USA (JDRF). The funds are dedicated to aide in the research of mechanisms for the protection of beta cells.

In this two year project titled "Development of Novel Therapeutic Agents Enhancing Human Beta Cell Survival", DeveloGen, together with the Istituto San Raffaele, Milan, Italy, will investigate the influence of certain substances on human beta cells. A particular focus of the work will be on mechanisms which have the potential to protect insulin producing beta cells from dying. The research project is expected to deliver important insight into the development of novel therapies with the potential of a disease modifying treatment of diabetes mellitus.

Dr. Cord Dohrmann, CEO of DeveloGen AG said: "The development of novel therapies in the area of beta cell regeneration and beta cell protection belongs to DeveloGen's core interests. We are delighted and proud to perform this project together with the Istituto San Raffaele. The repeated receipt of funding from the JDRF, the world's most renowned privately funded charitable organisation in the area of diabetes, is appreciation of the work done at DeveloGen and motivation at the same time".

Richard A. Insel, MD, Chief Scientific Officer at JDRF, said: "JDRF is pleased to be supporting research to pursue new approaches to promote the functioning and survival of insulin-producing beta cells. The results of this project could contribute to the discovery of break-through therapies for people with type 1 diabetes."

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