AC Immune boosts its preclinical Alzheimer´s pipeline

18-Jan-2010 - Switzerland

AC Immune SA announced the in-licensing of an AMPAkine memory enhancer (ACI-518) from the State University of Moscow. This preclinical small molecule directly activates global memory function and provides AC Immune an entry into the new and exciting field of memory enhancers. It complements AC Immune´s Alzheimer´s disease drug pipeline currently focused on disease-modifying therapies of Anti-Abeta and Anti-Tau. The company also announced the entry into preclinical development of its proprietary oligo-inhibitor MorphomerTM ACI-636 which has excellent brain properties.

Prof. Andrea Pfeifer, CEO of AC Immune, said: “The in-licensing of the memory enhancer ACI-518 complements our product pipeline as it provides another route to develop a therapeutic for Alzheimer´s disease. We are delighted to build on the excellent track record of the University of Moscow in the field of AMPAkines. It is also pleasing to note that our first proprietary Morphomer ACI-636 for Alzheimer´s disease has entered preclinical development.”

AMPAkines are positive modulators of AMPA receptors, the non-NMDA ionotropic receptors for glutamate involved in long-term potentiation processes and short-term memory in humans. ACI-518 is a patent-protected lead molecule of the class of AMPAkines developed from the State University of Moscow, the institute which generated Dimebon currently under Phase III clinical development for Alzheimer’s disease by Medivation/Pfizer. ACI-518 shows the highest reported receptor affinity and is a very innovative approach to enhance the AMPA receptor function. AC Immune has acquired an exclusive license from the State University of Moscow and will use its proven expertise in preclinical development of Alzheimer´s treatments to move the compound forward quickly towards clinical development. No financial terms were disclosed.

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