Isotechnika Pharma develops portfolio of non-immunosuppressive cyclosporine analogue molecules (NICAMs)

03-Nov-2009 - Canada

Isotechnika Pharma Inc. announced that it has developed a portfolio of non-immunosuppressive cyclosporine analogue molecules (NICAMs) with potent cyclophilin inhibition. Cyclophilin inhibition has garnered considerable attention as a novel therapy in the treatment of a wide range of diseases including hepatitis C, stroke, and chronic neurological disorders such as Parkinson's, Lou Gehrig's, and Alzheimer's. Cyclosporine A is a well established cyclophilin inhibitor, however, its additional strong binding to calcineurin results in powerful immunosuppression and limits its therapeutic potential to transplantation and various autoimmune disorders. NICAMs do not bind to calcineurin yet retain the ability to inhibit cyclophilin.

"With increasing scientific support that cyclophilin is an important target in a number of diseases with few therapeutic options; we believe that our NICAM project has the potential of addressing an unmet need in the marketplace and in the clinic. We shall continue our NICAM program by leveraging our extensive experience working with cyclosporine and its analogues, as well as our internal bio-analytical capabilities and chemistry expertise, to identify NICAMs with the best potential to move forward into pre-clinical trials. Thus far, we have identified a number of NICAMs that have shown potent anti-HCV activity as well as others that have significant potential as neuroprotective agents," said Dr. Robert Foster, President and CEO of Isotechnika Pharma. "We are continuing to advance this program, and are in the process of pursuing co-development or licensing partnerships to further develop the most promising candidates from our portfolio."

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