26-Aug-2009 - to-BBB technologies BV

to-BBB starts manufacturing collaboration with TTY Biopharm for brain cancer treatment

TTY Biopharm will become a co-development partner of to-BBB for the manufacturing of brain-targeted doxorubicin liposomes. These liposomes are essential for the clinical development of to-BBB’s lead product for the treatment of brain cancer.

Werner Gladdines, Head of Clinical Operations at to-BBB, is very pleased with this agreement: “TTY Biopharm is highly specialized in the preparation of doxorubicin PEG-liposomes and will thus be able to efficiently manufacture brain-targeted doxorubicin liposomes with the same precision within a short timeframe. Working with TTY Biopharm, therefore, greatly accelerates our clinical development of our lead product for brain cancer”.

Based on its proprietary G-Technology, discovered by the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) in Taiwan, to-BBB is developing its lead compound, brain-targeted doxorubicin liposomes. These liposomes are coated with the tripeptide glutathione at the tips of polyethylene glycol (PEG) to safely enhance the delivery of free drug to the brain. Doxorubicin glutathione-PEG liposomes have shown a reduced brain tumor growth in proof-of-concept studies, which provides a strong basis for clinical development. For this development, to-BBB requires clinical scale batches of the brain-targeted doxorubicin liposomes, produced according to cGMP standards. TTY Biopharm will provide these liposomes in a timely manner.

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