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Biomol GmbH, Germany

Biomol GmbH offers antibodies, enzymes, bioactive lipids, microarrays and reagents for biomedical research. Our focus is on cellular regulation and signal transduction. Together with our partners, we also provide a variety of specialized kits for drug discovery. more

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  • 'Druggable' cancer target found in pathway regulating organ size

    It's known that cancer involves unchecked cell growth and that a biological pathway that regulates organ size, known at the Hippo pathway, is also involved in cancer. It's further known that a major player in this pathway, YAP, drives many types of tumors. Now, researchers at Boston Children's Hospi more

  • Newly discovered enzyme is 'firing pin' for plant immunity

    Just like humans, plants have an immune system that helps them fight off infections. Plant immunity has some important differences: they don't make antibodies and can't fight off the same bug more quickly months or years later. However, plant cells can identify pathogens and react to them, often by more

  • Enzyme's movement may be key to new cancer drugs

    Revealing all the steps required to activate an enzyme called a protein kinase may identify new ways to target cancer, according to new University of Arizona-led research. Not only must the kinase have all needed parts in place, the enzyme must move in the correct manner and at the correct speed to more

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Lim Kinases

Lim Kinases LIM kinase-1 (LIMK1 ) and LIM kinase-2 (LIMK2 ) are actin -binding kinase s that phosphorylate members of the ADF/cofilin family of actin binding and filament severing protein s. ADF/cofilin are the only substrate s yet identified f ... more


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