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evitria AG, Switzerland

evitria is an established, global antibody expression service provider located in Zurich, Switzerland. We are specialized in CHO-based transient expression of antibodies (including bispecific and fusion antibodies).With a track record of more than 30,000 transfections performed and more than 5,000 a more

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  • How antibiotic resistance persists thanks to selfish genetic elements

    Parts of the genetic information of many microorganisms are located on so-called plasmids. These are genetic elements which consist of a single DNA ring, and can reproduce independently of their host. Most bacteria carry plasmids as they enable them to acquire new genetic information by a process th more

  • Sleeping Beauty enables efficient gene transfer in haematopoietic stem cells of humans

    Gene therapy of haematopoietic stem cells aims at a life-long therapeutically effective correction of these cells in humans with particular genetic disorders. This therapeutic approach has proved to be effective in clinical trials while the risk of leukaemia development as a side-effect of the thera more

  • Gene taxi with turbo drive

    Parkinson's disease, Huntington's disease, cystic fibrosis – these and many other fatal hereditary human diseases are genetically transmitted. Many cancers and cardiovascular diseases are also caused by genetic defects. Gene therapy is a promising possibility for the treatment of these diseases. Wit more

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  • HelpCorner - Transfection

    Transfection is the delivery of DNA, RNA, proteins, and macromelecules into eukaryotic cells. The goals for transfection include the study of gene function and regulation as well as protein expression and function. It is also used for gene silencing more

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Horizontal gene transfer

Horizontal gene transfer Horizontal gene transfer (HGT), also Lateral gene transfer (LGT), is any process in which an organism transfers genetic material to another cell that is not its offspring. By contrast, vertical transfer occurs when an ... more


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