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Vasa praevia

Vasa praevia
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Vasa praevia
ICD-10 O69.4
ICD-9 663.5
DiseasesDB 13743
eMedicine med/3276 

Vasa praevia (vasa previa AE) is an obstetric complication defined as "fetal vessels crossing or running in close proximity to the inner cervical os. These vessels course within the membranes (unsupported by the umbilical cord or placental tissue) and are at risk of rupture when the supporting membranes rupture."[1]



These vessels may be torn at the time of labor, delivery or when the membranes rupture. It has a high fetal mortality because of the bleeding that follows. [2]

The classic triad are membrane rupture followed immediately by vaginal bleeding and fetal bradycardia.


Transvaginal color flow Doppler ultrasound is often used for diagnosis. [3][4]


Treatment with an emergency cesarean delivery is usually indicated.[5][6]

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