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ICD-9 791.0
MedlinePlus 003591

Microalbuminuria occurs when a malfunctioning kidney leaks small amounts of albumin into the urine. In other words, there is an abnormally high permselectivity for albumin in the renal glomerulus.



The level of albumin protein produced by Microalbuminuria cannot be detected by urine dipstick methods. A microalbumin urine test determines the presence of the albumin in urine. In a properly functioning body, albumin is not normally present in urine because it is filtered from the bloodstream by the kidneys.

Microalbuminuria is diagnosed either on 24-hour urine collections (20 to 200 µg/min) or, more commonly, if elevated concentrations (30 to 300mg/L) on at least two occasions.[1]. Albumin levels above these values is called "macroalbuminuria", or sometimes just albuminuria.

To compensate for the variable possible urine concentration on spot-check samples, it is more typical in the UK to compare the amount of albumin in the sample against its concentration of creatinine. This is termed the Albumin/creatinine ratio (ACR) and microalbuminuria is defined as ACR ≥2.5 mg/mmol (male) or ≥3.5 mg/mmol(female).[2]



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