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Meigs syndrome

Meigs syndrome
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In medicine, Meigs syndrome, also Meigs' syndrome, is the triad of benign ovarian tumor (fibroma, thecoma, cystadenoma, or granulosa cell tumor), ascites and pleural effusion.[1] It resolves after the resection of the tumor. For reasons unknown, the pleural effusion is classically on the right side. (Note: Meigs' Syndrome is not to be confused with Meige's syndrome)

Because of the presence of ascites and pleural effusions, the differential diagnosis includes liver failure (cirrhosis), congestive heart failure, renal diseases, and metastatic tumors to the peritoneal surfaces. These entities must be clinically excluded.[citation needed]

Treatment of Meigs' syndrome consists of thoracentesis and paracentesis to drain off the excess fluid, and unilateral salpingo-oophorectomy to correct the underlying etiology.


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