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International AIDS Conference

Education, networking and the promotion of best practice are essential to enhancing the response to HIV/AIDS. IAS conferences provide opportunities to share experience, and increase the knowledge and expertise of professionals working in HIV/AIDS.

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The International AIDS Society (IAS) is the custodian of the International AIDS Conference, the largest regular conference on any health or development issue. These prestigious conferences provide a unique forum for the interaction of science, community and leadership, and strengthen an evidence-based policy and programmatic response to the epidemic. The conferences also provide an opportunity to intensify political and financial commitments to AIDS, and include the largest international conference scholarship programme in HIV/AIDS.

These conferences started in 1985 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. They were held annually until 1994 when they became biennial. Below is the list of conferences and their venue:

Year Number Venue Theme
1985 I Atlanta, GA, USA none
1986 II Paris, France none
1987 III Washington, D.C., USA none
1988 IV Stockholm, Sweden none
1989 V Montréal, Canada The Scientific and Social Challenge of AIDS
1990 VI San Francisco, CA, USA AIDS in the Nineties: From Science to Policy
1991 VII Florence, Italy Science Challenging AIDS
1992 VIII Amsterdam, The Netherlands A World United Against AIDS
1993 IX Berlin, Germany none
1994 X Yokohama, Japan The Global Challenge of AIDS: Together for the future
1996 XI Vancouver, Canada One World One Hope
1998 XII Geneva, Switzerland Bridging the Gap (Conference website)
2000 XIII Durban, South Africa Breaking the Silence
2002 XIV Barcelona, Spain Knowledge and Commitment for Action
2004 XV Bangkok, Thailand Access for All (Conference website)
2006 XVI Toronto, Canada Time to Deliver (Conference website)
2008 XVII Mexico City, Mexico Universal Action Now (Conference website)
2010 XVIII Tba at AIDS 2008
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