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Labviva, USA

Labviva leverages the scientific context as the organizing principal, connecting researchers with suppliers in an intuitive user-friendly platform, while making it easy for suppliers to provide and manage the content for their products. We can also integrate eProcurement platforms making a seamless more

eGenesis, Inc., USA

eGenesis is a gene editing and genome engineering company committed to the development of safe and effective human transplantable organs, tissues and cells to address the global organ crisis. more

Bit Bio Ltd., United Kingdom

Founded in 2016 by Dr Mark Kotter, Bit Bio (formerly Elpis Biomed) is an award-winning spinout from the University of Cambridge. By applying an engineering approach to synthetic and stem cell biology, Mark and his team have developed proprietary technologies for the efficient and consistent reprogra more

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Introducing the Scepter 3.0 Handheld Cell Counter from Merck

Counts thousands of cells per measurement for maximum precision ✓ Does not rely on user technique or manual calculation for accuracy ✓ Requires no sample prep, dedicated reagents, or hazardous dyes more

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  • Imaging the dynamic cellular zoo made easier

    Imagine the difficulty of visually keeping track of five people scattered throughout a stadium. Researchers perform far more amazing feats by simultaneously tracking many different cellular factors, but they need an expanded fluorescence toolkit to advance current capabilities. Now, in a study recen more

  • Imaging cells: New method enables clear, precise look inside

    It’s why Jaws swam out of sight for more than an hour and hints at the glamour of giftwrap. In movie theaters, living rooms, and even labs, the thrill of the unseen can be counted on to keep us guessing. But when it comes to the hidden chemical world of cells, scientists need no longer wonder. Inspi more

  • Powerhouses of the Cells: Mitochondria Have a Waste Disposal Mechanism to Get Rid of Mutated mtDNA

    Scientists at the University of Cologne have discovered how cells can eliminate mutated mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA). Mitochondria are the powerhouses of our cells. Due to their evolutionary descent from bacteria, they still have genetic material packaged in chromosome-like structures (nucleoids). They more

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T cell

T cell T cells belong to a group of white blood cell s known as lymphocytes , and play a central role in cell-mediated immunity . They can be distinguished from other lymphocyte types, such as B cells and NK cells by the presence of a special r ... more


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