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  • Nanodiamonds in the brain

    The recording of images of the human brain and its therapy in neurodegenerative diseases is still a major challenge in current medical research. The so-called blood-brain barrier, a kind of filter system of the body between the blood system and the central nervous system, constrains the supply of dr more

  • ALS-linked protein's journey into nervous system cells more complex than we thought

    University of Bath scientists have developed a better understanding of a key protein associated with brain diseases including ALS (motor neurone disease) and dementia by studying how it enters central nervous system cells. Researchers from the Department of Biology & Biochemistry studied how angioge more

  • A genetic timetable of brain's aging process

    The programme controls how and when brain genes are expressed at different times in a person's life to perform a range of functions, the study found. Experts say the timing is so precise that they can tell the age of a person by looking at the genes that are expressed in a sample of brain tissue. Sc more

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