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Successful Isolation of a Proliferating Cell Population with Stem Cell-like Properties from Rat Pancreas

Using Liberase TL Research Grade


Exocrine glands have been shown to be potential sources of pluri-/multipotent adult stem cells that are highly versatile as demonstrated for pancreas, testis, salivary glands, and sweat glands. Primary cultures of these adult stem cells have the capacity for extended self-renewal and are able to differentiate in vitro into cell types of the three embryonic germ layers. The Fraunhofer EMB established a standardized isolation procedure that was successfully applied to the isolation of proliferating cells from different animal tissues and human biopsies. With this technique, tissue specimens are ­generally dissociated in a two-step protocol using collagenase. The gland-derived cell populations adhere to the culture dish and start to proliferate. During in vitro propagation, these glandular stem cells exhibit a population doubling of at least 30, depending on the organ and the species...


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