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Assess Enzyme Stability without Buffer Limitations

Thermal Unfolding Analysis of an Esterase in Various Detergents


Would you like to assess enzyme stability without any buffer restrictions? Read more about thermal unfolding analysis of an esterase in detergents


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nanoDSF Goes GPCR Characterization

nanoDSF Supports GPCR Compound Screening and Buffer Optimization


Learn how nanoDSF evaluates compounds for lead discovery and improves receptor stability for biophysical assays by screening buffer conditions


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Predicting the Long-Term Stability of Biologics

Analysis of Formulation-Dependent Colloidal and Conformational Stability of Monoclonal Antibodies


Learn how to predict long-term mAb stability in a formulation screen by quantification of conformational and colloidal stability


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Rapid Characterization of Biosimilars

Precise Biosimilar Candidate Profiling by nanoDSF


A Revolution: nanoDSF features minimal time and material requirements, as well as best precision, reproducibility and data quality


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Getting the Full Picture: Predicting the Aggregation Propensity of mAbs

Fully Automated Chemical and Thermal Denaturation Study Predicts Long-Term Stability in Formulations


Getting the full picture: predicting the aggregation propensity of mabs using chemical and thermal denaturation on a single, fully automated platform


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nanoDSF vs. µDSC: A Comparative Study for Biopharmaceutical Formulation Development

Rapid and Easy Thermal Stability Analysis for Antibody Formulation Development with nanoDSF


High-resolution thermal stability analysis with nanoDSF is 100 times faster and requires 40 times less sample compared to


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