Dr. Judith Wortmann, Michael Ostendorf, Dr. Friederike Becker

Strategic peptide purification

Practical and theoretical aspects of method development using reversed phase chromatography

Peptides belong to one of the most important biopharmaceutical groups as they have a broad spectrum of applications. The impurity profile of these molecules is just as fascinating as the range of chemical properties. Therefore, the purification via preparative reversed phase chromatography (RP-LC) is ideal. Therefore, YMC has now summarised expert knowledge, so that you always have practical tips at hand. In the whitepaper “Strategic peptide purification”, you’ll find specific case studies and practically authenticated guidelines: Important criteria of phase selection, which consider the preparative aspects. The focus is on modern stationary phases that allow robust and efficient methods. Clearly illustrated: How the analytical method development can be transferred to a robust preparative method. But this is not all: Loadability studies include more-detailed suggestions.

Your advantages: One comprehensive overview including many expert tips. Download here your practical guidelines for safe and robust method development

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