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  • New insights into the mechanisms controlling the bronchial mucus balance

    by Cyril Karamaoun, Benjamin Sobac, Benjamin Mauroy, Alain Van Muylem, Benoît Haut In this work, we aim to analyze and compare the mechanisms controlling the volume of mucus in the bronchial region of the lungs of a healthy human adult, at rest and in usual atmospheric conditions. This analysis i more

  • A transcription factor drug for asthma

    Pulmonary Diseases In asthma patients, too many goblet cells in the lung differentiate and produce excess mucus in response to inflammatory signals. In mice sensitized to house dust mite allergens, Sun et al. characterized a small molecule called RCM-1 that inhibits the activity of FOXM1, a more

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    COVER PHOTOGRAPH: Snapshot of a secondary septum during alveologenesis. From: Therapeutic and pathological roles of fibroblast growth factors in pulmonary diseases; Elie El Agha, Werner Seeger and Saverio Bellusci; Developmental Dynamics 246:235–244. Read the full article at DOI: 10.1002/dvdy. more

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