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  • Tiny implants for cells are functional in vivo

    For the first time, an interdisciplinary team from the University of Basel has succeeded in integrating artificial organelles into the cells of living zebrafish embryos. This innovative approach using artificial organelles as cellular implants offers new potential in treating a range of diseases, as more

  • UT-Battelle licenses tissue regeneration technologies to NellOne Therapeutics, Inc.

    In a major step toward commercialization of a promising therapeutic treatment, Oak Ridge National Laboratory contractor UT-Battelle has exclusively licensed patents on inventions based on the Nell-1 gene to NellOne Therapeutics, Inc., a company spun out of the Department of Energy laboratory. The p more

  • Medgenics appoints Vice President of Clinical Affairs

    Medgenics announced that it has appointed Dr. Ehud Shoshani, former CEO of Quintiles, Israel, as its Vice President of Clinical Affairs. Dr. Shoshani will manage the Company's Phase I/II clinical trials with EPODURE, its lead sustained-action protein therapy to treat anaemia, which is scheduled to s more

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Protein therapy

Protein therapy Protein therapy is an innovative medical treatment that has wide-reaching therapeutic possibilities and applications currently being developed in the fields of: *Cancer *Diabetes *Liver disease *Brain disease This type o ... more


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