UV5Nano Spectrophotometer

The Life Science Micro-Volume Master

Mettler-Toledo GmbH

UV5Nano Spectrophotometer

OneDrop UV/VIS Spectroscopy – Minimize Sample, Maximize Performance

The UV5Nano is the micro-volume spectrophotometry specialist for life science applications. FastTrack™ UV/VIS technology makes the instrument a powerful, compact stand alone device, which can be easily operated thanks to the One Click™ user interface. The automatic pathlength selection allows measurements over a large concentration range with only 1 μl of sample. Just pipette and measure!

Speed up Your Measurements – Optimize Your Analytical Workflow
The UV/VIS Excellence instruments for Life Sciences effectively optimize spectroscopic workflows as the instruments are always ready for measurement. Smart automation accessories automate applications efficiently and the PC Software LabX® fosters fast spectral data management. Ergonomic RAININ pipettes support convenient and secure sample pipetting in the micro volume platform of the UV5Nano.

Tailored to Your Needs  Life Sciences-specific Applications
Ready-to-use direct measurement applications and METTLER TOLEDO methods cover a large selection of typical measuring modes and workflows for the Life Sciences.

  • Nucleic acid analysis: 260/280 nm ratios (with optional background correction at 320 nm ) for nucleic acid purity
  • Protein analysis: Biuret (Modified) Lowry, Bradford, bicinchoic acid, and trinitrobenzene sulfonate protein quantification methods
  • Kinetics tests such as enzyme activity


UV/VIS spectrophotometers
Resolution (nm): N/A
Max. wavelength: 1100 nm
Min. wavelength: 190 nm


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UV5Nano Spectrophotometer

The Life Science Micro-Volume Master

Mettler-Toledo GmbH
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