eLabJournal - Your all-in-one Electronic Lab Notebook

The Top 3 Advantages

Centralised experiment data management


Maximized customization with free add-ons


Fully integrated sample tracking

Improve efficiency in your lab, increase productivity, and generate more output in parallel

eLabJournal offers an intuitive and flexible solution to manage information in your lab. The all-in-one Electronic Lab Notebook also includes modules for sample tracking and protocol management. eLabJournal improves efficiency when documenting, organizing, searching, and archiving data, samples, and protocols. The software is suitable for any lab ranging from small academic laboratories and start-up companies to large academic institutes and globally operating companies. Using eLabJournal will help you to improve efficiency in your lab, increase productivity, and generate more output in the same amount of time. Extend the functionality of eLab by installing add-ons and integrations from eLab Marketplace. Choose between different hosting options and flexible license plans. eLabJournal helps our customers to improve the sustainability of their bioscience laboratory operations. We also monitor and manage our own performance on measures of sustainability.

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    Fully customizable all-in-one Electronic Lab Notebook


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