Unmatched pH Performance

The Top 3 Advantages

OneClick methods: Start your own sequence of analyses steps with a single click


Multiple parameters: Parallel measurement of up to 3 parameters in the same or different samples


Professional automation: Automated calibration of sensors and measurements of up to 300 samples

Excel in the Lab with SevenExcellence

Intuitive and clear operation

SevenExcellence is a revolutionary bench instrument for the precise measurement of pH, conductivity, ion concentration, redox potential and dissolved oxygen. It is so intuitive that it can be immediately put to use without requiring long periods of user familiarization. Starting an analysis, changing the settings and accessing the results is easily achieved thanks to the cleverly-devised touch screen menu operation.

Versatile design

Moreover, SevenExcellence offers flexibility on all levels, ranging from the number of measurement parameters to the choice of a vast collection of peripheral devices. The instrument's interfaces allow you to connect peripherals simultaneously, supporting your workflow in the best possible way.

Extensive Security Functions

SevenExcellence comes with security functions that support your workflow during all phases of the calibration, measurement data collection and archiving processes. Its ingenious package makes the instrument suitable for routine tasks as well as professional measurements under stringent GLP conditions.

  • pH meters

  • conductivity meters

  • dissolved oxygen measuring systems

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