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  • An abundance of beneficial mutations

    Despite its key importance, the genetic architecture of adaptive processes remains largely unresolved. Now a team of researchers from Vetmeduni Vienna, experimenting with fruit flies, has succeeded in solving at least a part of this puzzle. They were able to show that many genes can contribute to ad more

  • Safely releasing genetically modified genes into the wild

    So, you've genetically engineered a malaria-resistant mosquito, now what? How many mosquitos would you need to replace the disease-carrying wild type? What is the most effective distribution pattern? How could you stop a premature release of the engineered mosquitos? Releasing genetically engineered more

  • Reading history through genetics

    Computer scientists at Columbia's School of Engineering and Applied Science have published a study in The American Journal of Human Genetics (AJHG) that demonstrates a new approach used to analyze genetic data to learn more about the history of populations. The authors are the first to develop a met more

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Population genetics

Population genetics Population genetics is the study of the allele frequency distribution and change under the influence of the four evolutionary forces: natural selection , genetic drift , mutation and gene flow . It also takes account of popu ... more


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