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dichrom GmbH, Germany

dichrom - formerly SeQuant GmbH – is concentrating on the distribution and support of high quality products for liquid chromatography synthesis and isolation. The personal and individual customer support is of substantial importance for dichrom. Here a competent and comprehensive product and applica more

Protagen AG, Germany

Protagen AG is an international leading specialist in the fields of molecular diagnostics and GMP-compliant protein analysis of biotherapeutics. Our long experience in business and the comprehensive, validated spectrum of analytical methods for registration ensure highest quality to customers in Pha more

xbird, Germany

People are dying of preventable diseases every day. Symptoms and early warning signs are not recognized in time and the approach to disease prevention is outdated. At xbird we believe that technology can radically improve our chances of surviving preventable diseases. Through the power of data, we a more

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Personalized medicine

Personalized medicine Personalized medicine is use of information and data from a patient's genotype , level of gene expression and/or other clinical information to stratify disease, select a medication , provide a therapy, or initiate a preven ... more


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