17-Nov-2008 - Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl)

Novacta Therapeutics and UK Ministry of Defence Announce Collaboration to Discover Novel Antiviral Therapeutics

Novacta Therapeutics announced that the UK's Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) will evaluate its proprietary lantibiotics as a broad spectrum antiviral treatment.

Novacta’s lantibiotics have demonstrated potential as antibiotics in early preclinical studies. These naturally occurring compounds are also believed to have a unique and novel mechanism of interfering with the process of viral infection. Their mode of action involves the response of host cells to viral attack and they have the potential to block viral infection and proliferation at multiple targets. Using its proprietary lantibiotic engineering technology, Novacta intends to generate new compounds with improved activity against influenza and other viral targets. DSTL will conduct efficacy studies to measure the ability of Novacta’s proprietary lantibiotics to treat or prevent viral infections.

Tony Sedgwick, CEO of Novacta Therapeutics, said: “DSTL is internationally recognized for its ability to evaluate new therapeutic counter measures including broad spectrum antiviral agents. We are very excited to have a partner with such vast and relevant experience in this field, as it gives us a unique opportunity to fully evaluate our programme with a highly experienced team.”

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