Isotechnika Inc. granted patent for mTOR inhibitor


Isotechnika Inc. announced that the process of nationalizing European Patent No. 1644392 has commenced with the issuance of a Swedish Patent for its mTOR inhibitor, TAFA93. In accordance with the European Patent Convention, this patent will be granted in a total of 31 European countries of which patents for the remaining 30 countries will be forthcoming.

"Our medical device partnership with Atrium Medical makes use of TAFA93 on Atrium's drug eluting stent technology," stated Dr. Robert Foster, Isotechnika's Chairman & CEO. "This allows us to broaden our product pipeline while maintaining our primary focus in transplantation."

The Company's second drug in development is TAFA93, an advanced pro-drug of rapamycin. TAFA93 is a novel small molecule mTOR inhibitor, which is a class of drugs currently used in the prevention of organ rejection in transplantation. mTOR inhibitors are typically used in combination with calcineurin inhibitors after organ transplant. These anti-proliferative mTOR inhibitors also have utility in oncology and as drug coating for coronary stents and surgical meshes. The drug-eluting stent market was estimated at $5.5B in 2005. TAFA93 has successfully completed Phase 1 clinical trials.

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