Sysmex Develops in vitro Diagnostic Technique for Cancers Using Virus

A new cytodiagnostic technique using a virus that proliferates and emits light in cancer cells (TelomeScan) has been established conjointly with Oncolys BioPharma, Inc.


Sysmex Corporation has developed a new in vitro diagnostic (cytodiagnostic) technique for cancers using a virus that proliferates and emits light in cancer cells (TelomeScan) jointly with Oncolys BioPharma, Inc.

Presently, the company started the clinical evaluations for its marketing as a sputum test for lung cancer as the first target. In addition, Sysmex has defined the cancer cell detection technique using viral markers obtained recently as a new technical platform, and is evaluating the possibility of expanding its field of application beyond the sputum test.

The technique of in vitro diagnosis (cytodiagnosis) to detect cancer cells in sputum was developed jointly with Oncolys BioPharma Inc. using a special virus called TelomeScan developed by Oncolys. TelomeScan proliferates in an environment rich in an enzyme called telomerase, which is present in large quantities in cancer cells. Since the luminescence gene of Aequorea victoria is integrated in this virus, cells in which the virus has proliferated become luminous. Therefore, if this virus infects a sample, it proliferates and emits strong fluorescence only in cells with a high telomerase content such as cancer cells, and thereby facilitates their detection.

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