25-Feb-2005 - Xantos Biomedicine AG

Xantos Biomedicine AG Receives Funding From Sixth EU Framework Program For Angiotargeting Project

Xantos Biomedicine AG announced that it has been awarded a grant from the European Commission Sixth Framework program for the discovery and validation of new targets and pathways involved in tumor induced blood vessel formation. The overall aim of the project, which will run for four years, is to create innovative and effective tumor-selective treatment regimes that will replace or complement established tumor therapies.

In addition to the discovery and validation of new targets and inhibitors of blood vessel formation and invasion, the project will involve the implementation of clinical trials. Xantos specific role in the project will be to develop novel cDNA libraries from the vascular transcriptome (the set of all cellular messenger RNA transcripts that are present in the blood vessels) and novel assays for the discovery of angiogenesis modulators. The whole project is supported with EUR 6 million from the EU.

The project integrates the core skills and competencies of an additional thirteen research centers, including two companies, working within the field of angiogenesis. These include: University of Bergen, European Institute of Oncology Milano, University of Uppsala, Netherlands Cancer Institute, University of Maastricht, University of Oxford, VU Medical Center, University of Oulu, Institute of Experimental Medicine, Academy of Sciences Czech Republic, NorLux, the Karolinska Institute and Pharmatarget.

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