Vetter Announces Personnel Changes in its Development Service Division

Clinical manufacturing services continue to attract new business

17-Oct-2014 - Germany

Vetter officially announced a series of adjustments to its Development Service related structures designed to support its customer base. Effective October 1, Dr. Susanne Resatz, formerly Manager Process Development and Manufacturing at the company’s clinical development facility in Chicago, Illinois, assumes the role of President, taking full responsibility for the site’s operations. Dr. Claudia Roth, formerly in this role, will repatriate to the company headquarters in Ravensburg, Germany where she will head up the newly created “Innovation” department. Both Dr. Resatz and Dr. Roth have been with the US facility since its opening in 2009, and were instrumental in its early construction through to its becoming fully operational in October 2011.

Dr. Resatz’s expertise includes designing and implementing highly efficient, high-quality manufacturing processes for early-stage products. Through her work with biopharmaceutical companies around the globe, she has had experience meeting the requirements of a broad variety of international regulatory authorities. She holds a Ph.D. in biomedical engineering from the Vienna University of Technology.

Dr. Roth will be heading up the newly created “Innovation” department in Ravensburg which will be focused on anticipating and preparing for future customer and product development needs including filling processes and technology, as well as packaging solutions.

Satisfying business development in Chicago site

Vetter’s Chicago facility is an expansion of Vetter Development Service, employing more than 150 personnel in Europe and the United States. Implementing its first manufacturing facility in the U.S. for offering early development support directly in the heart of the country has been strategic to Vetter’s plan for worldwide growth. The Chicago facility highlights the company’s dedication to serving the North American market where more than half of Vetter’s overall client base resides. “I am thrilled to be in the position to help take Vetter’s Chicago facility to a greater level of customer support,” said Dr. Resatz. “Today, the facility is fully on target from a business perspective, providing our customers with top-of-the-line clinical manufacturing, and proofs that our company’s strategy in taking this step was the right one.”

Since becoming fully operational, numerous customer drug products in early development have been manufactured in Chicago for U.S. and international customers including Israel, South Korea, the Netherlands, and Austria. In the same period, the number of Chicago staff has been increased by approximately 30%. Recently, the first customer products in development have been transferred from the early-stage Chicago facility to Vetter’s European sites for further Phase lll development and subsequent commercial production, proofing the effectiveness of the company’s upscaling approach concept as well as its acceptance by its customers.

New Senior Vice President announced

Along with the management change at the Chicago facility, Vetter also officially announced that Dr. Paul Nelles, who headed Vetter´s global Development Service activities, will take early retirement after 11 years of service with Vetter. His replacement, Dr. Claus Feussner, formerly Vice President Quality Control, has assumed the title of Senior Vice President of Vetter Development Service effective September 1. Dr. Nelles will continue with his efforts at Vetter until mid-2015 to help with the transition.

“We wish Dr. Resatz and Dr. Roth success in their new positions. In particular, we thank Dr. Roth for her pioneering role in helping to make the Chicago facility a success,” said Thomas Otto, managing director of Vetter. “We eagerly anticipate her return to Ravensburg and her spearheading the important function of the new Innovation department. We also want to thank Dr. Nelles for his many years of service with Vetter and his efforts in the installation and expansion of Vetter’s Development Services activities, and wish Dr. Feussner success in his new role.”

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