PDC announces Clinical Phase I for its Lead Compound PDC31

18-Dec-2012 - Austria

PDC Biotech GmbH (PDC) announced that it has completed a phase I clinical trial for its lead compound for the treatment of preterm labour. This study was designed to provide proof-of-concept for the ability of the compound to inhibit excessive uterine contractility.

The study was conducted in healthy women with primary dysmenorrhea, a condition associated with painful, labour-like contractions which occur during menstruation. PDC31 infusion was associated with a dose-dependent relief of pain, as well as a reduction in intrauterine pressure. In addition, the drug was tolerated and there were no dose limiting toxicities.

The results from this study support the development of PDC31 for both preterm labour and primary dysmenorrhea. Dr. Roman Götz, Managing Director of the company said: “We are pleased with the encouraging results of this study, which now enable us to move forward into further development for the preterm labour indication.”

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